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The Shuar Research Group of Bomboiza is a platform for the transfer of knowledge, techniques, methods, and technologies supported by the Association of Shuar Nationality Centers of Bomboiza. It has the dual objective of regulating academic research within the Shuar territory of the Bomboiza Association and promoting the development of collaborative, fair, participatory, committed, responsible, and ethical research.
We aim to implement a framework of mutual understanding that promotes research projects with shared impact and benefits, ensuring equitable participation. This framework aligns with the political and organizational objectives of the Association of Shuar Nationality Centers of Bomboiza and the needs of its members and communities. It also respects the collective decisions made by the General Assembly of trustees of the Shuar Association of Bomboiza, the Interprovincial Federation of Shuar Centers, and the Indigenous Movement of Ecuador. Our goal is to ensure that all research conducted in our territory not only returns to our hands but that its usefulness and benefits are also shared with us through a grassroots collaboration.

From the land and the memory

Temporada 1

A cultural segment created with the voice and participation of the youth of the Shuar Research Group of Bomboiza to discuss the roots, practices, and knowledge of our nationality.



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