About Us

About Us

We are a founding organization and a fundamental part of the Interprovincial Federation of Shuar Centers, FICSH, headquartered in Sucúa, Morona Santiago. We operate under a regime of self-governance in participatory democracy according to the Statutes of the Association of Shuar Nationality Centers of Bomboiza and the Interprovincial Federation of Shuar Centers. We are committed to defending our political, cultural, and territorial autonomy, seeking the development and protection of our ways of life and thought against all forms of colonization, discrimination, racism, and violation of the collective rights of the Shuar people. And we aim to promote an intercultural, supportive, and equitable society organized on the principles of equality, respect, and social justice among the peoples and nationalities of our region.

At the regional, national, and international levels, we are affiliated with the Confederation of Amazonian Nationalities of Ecuador (CONFENIAE), the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), and the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA).

Our history

Salesian Mission of Bomboiza

In the decade prior, in 1951, the Salesian Mission of Bomboiza was established at the initiative of Conrado Tsamaraint, a resident of Pumpuis, and Salesian Father Luis Casiraghi. The intention of the Salesian missionaries was to concentrate their evangelizing efforts on the Shuar people, leaving the Gualaquiza Mission (established in February 1893) responsible for the increasingly numerous settlers inhabiting Gualaquiza and nearby hamlets. The growth of Gualaquiza and alignment with state policies promoting regional colonization in the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s increased colonial pressures on land in the region, leading to a multiplication of colonial abuses, resource and space pressures, and a lack of legal security over Shuar ancestral land ownership. This process led to the establishment of the Shuar center Pumpuis, alongside the Bomboiza Mission, and its territorial demarcation and administrative organization.

Association of Shuar Nationality Centers of Bomboiza

The territorial reserve of the Association of Shuar Nationality Centers of Bomboiza was established in 1963, one year before the founding of the Interprovincial Federation of Shuar Centers (FICSH), established in 1964. The Shuar Association of Bomboiza was born with the objective of organizing the administration and defense of traditional Shuar territories in the Bomboiza Valley and along the Zamora River while maintaining Shuar political and cultural autonomy. This autonomy had been increasingly affected by the colonial invasion of lands surrounding the town of Gualaquiza.

Delivery of global property titles

Immediately, a territorial reserve of 10,000 hectares was demarcated between the Chuchumbleza River and the Bomboiza River (encompassing the current centers: Pumpuis, Kenkuim, Chumpias, Kunchaim, Chatus, Kayamás, Nayanmak, Sakanás, Yawints), followed by additional territorial demarcations in the centers of Asau, Tiink, Piunts, Yantsas, Kupiamais, Kapanak Entsa, and Pakintza. All these centers would receive collective legal titles from the Ecuadorian government in May 1981, following numerous collective efforts led by the leaders and government councils of the Shuar Association of Bomboiza, democratically elected among the trustees of each of the centers and Shuar communities within their territory. 

Current situation

Since then and up to the present day, the Association of Shuar Nationality Centers of Bomboiza has preserved and protected its territory, defending the collective rights of its members and affiliated centers and communities, striving for the social, political, economic, and cultural well-being of the Shuar in Bomboiza.

Organizational Structure

Government Council 2023-2026

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